Eco-Smart Socks

The World's Most
Advanced Sustainable Socks

Advanced Eco-Smart Socks

Let's Change the World One Sock at a Time

The World's Most
Advanced EcoSmart Socks

Let's Change the World One Sock at a Time

#Knitting The Future Together


Plant-Based Colors

All of our beautiful, nature-inspired colors are purely derived from plants. Using a revolutionary patented dyeing technology, we combine beautiful, plant-sourced colors with a new, innovative ultrasonic fiber dyeing process to produce these stunning hues.


Recycled Bottles

Yep, that’s right! ankoor uses yarn made from recycled PET plastic bottles. For every 3-pack of socks purchased, you are helping to remove four plastic bottles from a landfill.


Organic Cotton

All ankoor products are made with GOTS-certified organic cotton.


No Harmful Chemicals

That’s right! Harmful chemicals are never used during our production process. The absence of harmful chemicals makes our product safe, even for sensitive skin.

Gift From Nature


Environmental Impact


For every 3 pairs of socks


4 plastic bottles removed
from landfill / oceans

Less Water Consumption

Less Energy Consumption

No Post Production Toxic Water Waste

At , we believe that we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. That’s why we are working together with PURE EARTH to reduce pollution, save lives and protect our planet. (Find more information here.)

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Sock Tech Features

And that’s not all! Your ankoor socks are made with the latest state-of-the-art technology and in compliant certified facilities.


comfort welt


our unique blend of yarn keeps your feet cool, dry & comfy

organic cotton comfortable body

Y heel for better fit

no-blister seamless handlink toe



About Us

Every year, close to 25 billion pairs of socks are produced all over the world! Yes, we are just talking about socks alone! Close to half a trillion plastic bottles are used every year around the globe, and we all know where those end up once they’re empty. The impact this plastic waste is having on the environment – not to mention the use of water sources, pesticides, harmful dyes, chemicals and toxic water waste – is almost unimaginable!

Since ancient history, humans have believed that the whole universe is made of five basic elements: Earth, Air, Water, Sky and Fire (Energy). We need to keep the delicate balance between these 5 elements to maintain the perfect harmony of our planet and our body. But we all know what we have done over the years to these basic five elements, and we can clearly see the devastating results of these actions on our planet.

@ ankoor  it is  our mission to correct those mistakes. Your ankoor socks are designed and developed with a blend of organic cotton and polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. All the colors used in ankoor socks are 100% plant-based with a unique patented dye process. All packing material is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which means there is less water consumption, less pollution and less energy consumption from our production. There is no toxic post-process waste and no harmful chemicals are produced or used!

Be proud supporter of the world’s most advanced eco-smart socks. Let’s change the world one sock at time!


What is meaning of ankoor?

The word “ankoor” is derived from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language. It means first sprout after germination! We do believe that, like a sprout, your ankoor socks represent a new beginning, a light of Hope, that urges us to fight against all odds and rise above adversity. We believe that ankoor socks are as natural as those first sprouting leaves, we believe that your ankoor socks will give back to society, nature and mankind in the same way when a small sprout becomes a big tree! Yes, it’s a new beginning ! Yes, it’s a new hope!  Yes, you do have the choice to put the best, most natural thing close to your skin! This is your second natural skin!

How are the colors / dyes made from plants?

Wow! That’s really a great question!

Nature has always gifted us beautiful colors. Our process is based on traditional ancient natural dyes that give the base colors of blue, red, yellow, purple and grey. These base colors are available in a multitude of different shades from different plants, and by combining the different dyed fibers, additional colors are born. We use a revolutionary patented dyeing technology that combines beautiful, natural colors and ancient dyes with an innovative new ultrasonic fiber dyeing process. The dyeing is implemented at fiber level before the socks are spun.

Colors are extracted from plants using patented technology, and then dye tanks are filled with batches of fiber, together with liquid natural dyestuff, and exposed to low, ultrasonic pressure waves that push the dyes into the core of the fiber. This is what creates the unique color fastness never achieved with natural plant dyes – without the need for any chemical fixation agents.

How do ankoor socks helps improve the environment?

In textiles, there are 4 major factors which contribute to pollution: water consumption, raw material manufacturing, dyeing and packing. And @ankoor we have improved on all 4 of these points.

Raw material

Ankoor socks are made with GOTS-certified organic cotton , which means at very first level of raw material procurement, there is no use of any pesticide/fertilizer or chemicals and very low water use compared to traditional cotton crops. One of the yarns used in ankoor socks is made with recycled plastic bottles, which means we cut down the process of making the raw material  by almost 50%, which helps improve on water consumption/ energy .


Our dyeing technology uses natural liquid dyes in a dyeing process that completely eliminates waste water, thus significantly reducing water consumption. Through lower dyeing temperatures and shorter dyeing times, our process also offers measurable improved efficiency in energy and produces fewer emissions. The farms where the plants for our dyestuffs are grown only use natural fertilizers. By growing in crop rotations, the soil conditions are improved, and pesticides are avoided. Farming of the plants for the dyes is done in areas with natural abundance of water, limiting artificial irrigation. The dyeing mills are close to the farms to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. No chemicals, no wastewater, natural fertilizers and low environmental impact.

We use latest state-of- the-art knitting machines which consume less energy and eliminate the need for a wet process at this stage, further reducing water usage.

Packing :

All our packing is made with recyclable and biodegradable material!

Yes your ankoor socks are the world’s first eco-smart socks! #eco-smart   

What is the yarn composition of these socks?

Ankoor socks are made with 85% GOTS certified Organic cotton , 12% Polyester made with Recycled plastic bottles and 3% spandex.

When will ankoor socks will be available to purchase?

Ankoor socks will be available on our e-commerce platform by end of September 2020. Please subscribe to receive early bird promotions and Kickstarter campaign updates.

How many styles, colors and categories will be available from ankoor socks?

Thanks to our technology, we are able to make close to 136 different color shades and combinations! (yes we are also excited about this!) ankoor socks will be available in No Show , Low Cut, Crew, Knee High Silhouettes and in Sports, Fashion, Dress, Casual, and Performance categories as well!  #goankoorgo

What are the certifications your manufacturers have?

WRAP : Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production
BSCI : Business Social Compliance Initiative
OEKO-TEX: Sustainable Textile Production


Launching Summer 2020